Your brand message is energy. Or not.

The term branding is so overused it’s almost useless. People say branding when they mean logos, or a tagline, or a color scheme, or an elevator pitch, or reputation, or a cool product name, or just about anything else that has to do with public perception. So what is your brand, really?

When all is said and done, your brand message is energy. The energy to attract people, make them into customers and keep them coming back. Or not. So the purpose of a strong brand messaging strategy is to energize your brand.

It’s energizing just to be strategic, to take the randomness out of your communications, to know why you’re saying what and to whom. But it’s even more energizing to be authentic, to know what you’re about and why. Add to that the energy of being competitive, that is having your message stand apart and above that of your competitors, and being relevant to your audiences, and you’re really starting to generate.

And to do so in a way that is current by being aligned with what’s happening in your industry and in the world at large can make your brand positively electric.

While it’s true that what is most energizing is to get results, strong brand strategies must be energized before the results come in. That’s because energy attracts energy, and you have to start somewhere.

Conversely, under-performing brands are typically leaking energy at key contact points having to do with authenticity, audience relevance, competitive positioning, and industry trends. That’s why trial and error with your brand messaging can be so devastating to growth. Not only are you burning time and money while throwing out stuff to see what sticks, but you’re de-energizing your entire brand in the process. Ouch.

Am I selling brand messaging strategy expertise? Obviously. But hopefully, I’m energizing your strategic intent while I’m at it.

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