July 1, 2011

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The internet is the place to see and be seen. Those who are just passing through will be suitably impressed by pretty pictures. But those who are actually interested in your offering are the ones who will stop to read the writing. That’s why it’s critical to have web writing that can quickly and concisely communicate your message, connect with your audience, differentiate your brand and convert your visitors into active participants. We’re here to help you have it all, from profound positioning, to consistent messaging across your entire enterprise, to strong SEO performance-without sacrificing all style and substance to get it.

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Are you an author, rather than a writer? We can help you transform your book concept into a well written reality. Our authors have included private detectives, marketing masters, business leaders, life coaches and others. They use their books to both make money and promote who they are. We specialize in capturing your authentic voice in writing and bringing it to life on the printed page. We simplify the process for you, so you can enjoy telling your story from beginning to end.

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Hard copy collateral pieces are still alive and essential. That makes having an effective brochure writer at your disposal a critical resource in your marketing arsenal. Whether you’re targeting business or consumer audiences, strong, smart writing still delivers real ROI.

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Great ad writing makes you look twice and think three times. Some of our most valued agency partners don’t like us posting the super cool writing we’ve done for them. Which adds the intrigue of mystery, we know. But here are a few to give you some flavor.

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Joe Bardin has written for a wide range of publications from the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Magazine and McMurry speciality publications, to the Ritz-Carlton Magazine, Learning & Leading with Technology and Feng Shui for Modern Living (London).

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High energy music, flash animation vector graphics are all killer cool. But it takes a script to tell a story and that means crisp writing that captures the message, whether serious, humorous or both.