July 3, 2011

Book projects

Are you an author, rather than a writer? We can help you transform your book concept into a well written reality. Our authors have included private detectives, marketing masters, business leaders, life coaches and others. They use their books to both make money and promote who they are. We specialize in capturing your authentic voice in writing and bringing it to life on the printed page. We simplify the process for you, so you can enjoy telling your story from beginning to end.




Courting Kings by Remo Tulliani


“Courting Kings” the book by men’s accessories designer Remo Tulliani was launched recently at Mastro’s Steakhouse (1285 Avenue of the Americas) to a select group of fashion, media, friends and associates of the author – including Steve Smith, Jimmy Gabriel, Jim Farrell, Robert Stock, Jason Jones, Cliff Lelonek, Jason Dasal, and Len Pesko of Modern Pulse who gave the introductory speech. Mr. Tulliani, who has been producing Italian made belts, wallets, along with socks and sunglasses, was moved to compose this book of essays by his close friendships and interactions with some successful personalities. In the book, he collects the life stories of these “kings” and recounts their personal journeys from challenges to triumphs, highlighting life lessons learned, and along the way gives insights on several industries such as merchandising and sports broadcasting.


Dr. Moss Jackson

I Didn’t Come to Say Goodbye: Navigating the Psychology of Immortality

This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in finding their way to an extended life span, or simply to a more satisfying, emotionally health existence, which by the way, also has a direct effect on physical longevity. This book can help you navigate trough the many obstacles and distractions that can detour you from the most important goal of all – STAYING ALIVE AND BEING HEALTHY. We are at the dawn of a new era – the age of radical life extension and physical immortality. There has never been a more exciting time to be alive, and we have the capacity to enjoy it to the fullest. Or we can keep replaying the same old survival patterns of anxiety, conflict and separation. This book clearly illustrates the choices we face, as well as providing practical strategies for selecting the routes that lead to greater authenticity, personal satisfaction and, of course, longevity.


Thunderbird School of Global Management

The tower: Visions of Thunderbird

This book, due out in November 2011, captures the unique history, culture and achievement of Thunderbird School of Global Management, ranked #1 in the world by US New & World Report. The writing is targeted both towards the worldwide community of T-birds and to those who have not yet experienced Thunderbird first hand. Anecdotes from numerous accomplished graduates help tell the Thunderbird story in a way that is both thoughtful and emotionally immediate.


Just Getting Started, by James Strole and Bernadeane

This fascinating book is both a highly personal memoir, and a powerful immortality manifesto. In their own outspoken and intense manner, these anti-death activists and pioneers of ageless living share their profound experiences and inspiring vision for an unlimited future. “As a scientist studying the biology of aging, I have no shortage of passion for the anti-aging crusade, but I often struggle to communicate its profundity and urgency to non-scientists. That’s why we need people like Jim and Bernie and books like this! – Dr. Aubrey De Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation.


Back to the Beginning: Remarkable True Stories of Adoptions Searches and Reunions

This mother and daughters team of private investigators had two decades of experience in helping birth relatives locate lost family, and in many cases, reunite with them. It was a book waiting to happen. They just didn’t have the time and inclination and writing resources to do it themselves. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.


Brian Fabiano

Neuromarketology: Harness converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One to One Marketing and Astonishing ROI

Brian Fabiano is a true thought-leader in the arena of technology and marketing. In this case, Brian already had a solid manuscript in hand. What he needed was help writing certain key passages and editing with an overall eye towards clarifying and polishing content, particularly for the reader not already familiar with this subject matter. Some projects, by their very complexity, require more than one writer. We were pleased to be included on Brian’s team. Let the paradigm change begin.


Genius Coaching LLC

Yes, You are a Genius

Yes, You are a Genius, Claiming the Extraordinary Life You Were Born to Live

Life coaches Otto Siegel and Suzanne Lange had so much to say about the genius innate in every individual that they just had to write a book. We helped them turn raw client experience and personal observation into a complete guide for people seeking to connect talent, joy and prosperity. The result is a book every frustrated genius should read.