July 1, 2011

Collateral projects

Hard copy collateral is still alive and essential. That makes having an effective brochure writer at your disposal a critical resource in your marketing arsenal. Whether you’re targeting business or consumer audiences, strong, smart writing delivers real ROI.



The ASU Space Technology and Science Initiative (“NewSpace”) is a dedicated liaison bringing together commercial space ventures with Arizona State University’s internationally recognized resources to create real value in the space marketplace. With an extensive track record of successfully fulfilled NASA and Department of Defense space-related projects, ASU is a recognized leader in space science and engineering. In addition, ASU offers wide ranging expertise in space-related fields that can significantly enhance opportunities to win projects as well as to complete them successfully.

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FlexPod: Safeguard Your IT Investment

White-paper describing: Why FlexPod is the Smart Choice for Converged Infrastructure

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JC Penney co-sell story

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Arizona Power Authority

2015 Annual Report

Navigating Arizona’s changing Power Market

Special thanks to the talented team at R2 Design and Advertising for the opportunity to collaborate on behalf of this client as we have for over a decade.



Converged vs. Hyper-converged Infrastructures: understanding the impact on your organization

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Hilton Hotels

Hilton Elite Membership Brochure

Travel is about leisure, but it’s also about escape. The writing in this brochure speaks to the high end traveler’s desire for superior comfort, but also adventure. And the opportunity to win points while you’re at it. That’s the Hilton Elite offering.

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Longboard Asset Management

Overview brochure

Perhaps no sector is as confusing and contradictory as investing. But Longboard’s brand voice is founded on education and clarity. That’s because the better advisors understand their offering, the more they will want to participate.

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Company overview presentation

Clarity and organization are the keys to effective presentation writing. Without strong writing, your Powerpoint is really more of a weak point. Telesoft, a leader in Telecom Expense Management, wanted to ensure the benefits it offered were written front and center, and that the information flowed as a story that would be both easy to tell and to elaborate on in person.


State Seal

Capabilities brochure

Industrial strength copywriting accompanies this capabilities brochure for a direct B2B impact.

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People Unlimited

Living Unlimited Magazine

We oversee production of this 36 page custom publication every quarter, developing original content as well as editing submitted articles. It’s writing for the ultimate niche market.

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Lajitas Resort

Wedding mailer

Cowboy romance goes five-star with this mailer promoting weddings at Lajitas with copywriter that is both kickass and classy.

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ValueNow Media

Marketing piece

Groupon may have some competition its hands as ValueNow makes it presence felt in the marketplace with business to business writing that rings the right bells.

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Arizona State University

New marketing brochure

The Department of English defines itself in a new brochure with copywriting that is educated as well as enthusiastic.

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Marketing piece

The Commercial Real Estate heavy weight CB Richard Ellis had a brand new investment tool it needed to roll out. But first, potential customers had to understand the benefits with business writing that added up.


Proctor & Gamble

Druff Dawgs

In collaboration with the wizardry of Blender Creative and illustrator David Arvizu, this campaign/video game features copywriting and editing to set teens at ease in talking about dandruff.