Why clarity (in messaging) is beauty

There’s something beautiful that happens when brands and campaigns take the time and effort to strategically define, align and craft their message. You can feel it in the workplace. You can see it in the creative. You can measure in on your bottom line. It’s called clarity. Suddenly, you go from being busy with too many tasks that may or may not pay off, make you shine, or move anyone to do anything … to an environment that is organized around purpose and energized with optimism.

A strong messaging strategy doesn’t just get your story across, it creates momentum that pumps up your organization. Yes, unity is important. But just as important is what you unify around. It’s good to get your team playing from the same sheet of music. But when that music is really on key with who you are, in harmony with your audiences, and dialed in to rock your competitors, then you’re ready to jam.

Let’s face it, without a truly effective messaging strategy, you’re playing at trial and error, throwing out stuff to see what sticks. For startups, there’s a limited window for validating your offering, after which, you run out of funding, and everyone goes off to find work somewhere else. For more established businesses, your existence may not be at stake, but your future is. That’s because messaging mediocrity is a drain on growth that keeps you stuck in your status quo, even when you increase your marketing spend.

Messaging clarity, on the other hand, empowers you to do more with less, reaching prospects in efficient and meaningful ways that set you up for success. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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