Cheap and proud: messaging strategy for being both good and affordable

A while back I was engaged to create a messaging strategy for a SaaS in the education space. Sales were flat and the brand, which had been one of the first to market, had been overtaken by newer competitors. Ownership wanted to update their messaging strategy to win in the current, more mature environment. Internal[…]

Messaging strategy that cuts through the complexity

Marketing is complicated. Because people are complicated. And delivering value to them is complicated. But your message can’t be. Because people have so much complexity going on that their heads will blow up if you add to it. It’s a cause and effect whirlpool you don’t want to get caught in. That’s why you need[…]

Why “Great Service” Is not a Winning Differentiator

It’s not easy to arrive at authentic strategic differentiation, which is what a good messaging strategy should provide. Many viable businesses, including startups, professional services companies and mid and large sized organizations struggle to correctly and strategically identify their uniqueness to their audiences. How is one engineering firm different from another operating in the same[…]

Click Crap: Are your clicks ownable and defensible and how a messaging strategy can help

It’s nice that your digital marketing is getting clicks. But what’s really good is when they’re clicking for something that actually aligns with your strategic message. And what’s even more awesome is when that message is truly ownable and defensible – meaning it’s so authentic to who you are as an organization, so relevant to[…]

Winning the battle to be heard: Ulysses S. Grant and your messaging strategy

I’ve been reading the memoir of Ulysses S. Grant, who led the Union Army in the Civil War, and became the 18th President. It’s a wonderfully written book, with numerous insights into how the war was ultimately won. What is especially striking is how Grant shows that the outcomes of battles were often determined before[…]