What do you call a writer . . .

What do you call a writer who fails to fill his own obligation to blog on a daily basis, as he so consistently advises his clients? The charitable answer is “busy”.  I’m busy with ghostwriting and copywriting projects. Still, that makes me the bottleneck in my own blog production. Perhaps I could hire someone to write my blogs for me? A weirdly rational solution.

I’m currently fortunate enough to be ghostwriting a book about business leaders in the fashion industry. One of them, the visionary behind a well known high end brand, said this about leadership and perspective:

“What I liked was the fact that Neil Armstrong was smart, he was humble, and he literally changed the perspective of the entire globe.  But I think what truly resonates the most was the reason why  — because of JFK.  He changed this world.  He made it very clear that we would get to the moon. We were going to create a mission through NASA that we would get there, and we did, and that’s something that in my opinion has not been duplicated by any other president since.”

Great to write for people who have something to say!





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