Copywriting 101: When to do it yourself, and when to hire a writer

When the web site has been waiting for months, the layout laid out, the backend all programmed, and you just can’t get around to writing the damn thing, you might want to hire a writer.

When your book is still just an entity in your head, which is becoming incredibly cluttered with one brilliant notion after another, until the tide of ideas rises so high it threatens to stream out your ears, you might want to hire a writer.

When your ad campaign includes all the key points about your business you know you need to include, but still gets nothing across . . . you might want to hire a writer.

Does it mean you can’t write it yourself? Not necessarily. Most of us can write something, and therein lies the delay. If you were flat out illiterate, then the decision would be a no brainer. You’d call a writer and be on your way.

But the fact that you can write, something, can keep you on the hook, waiting for the happening of your own writing to occur for weeks, months, and yes, even years.

The big question isn’t can you, but are you. If you are, then fantastic. If you’re not, and you look out the window and notice the seasons are changing on you—at least to the degree they do that here in AZ—then maybe, just maybe, it’s time to call a writer. I’m just sayin’ . . .

2 thoughts on “Copywriting 101: When to do it yourself, and when to hire a writer

  • I’ve really enjoyed your blogs, especially this one. They have a refreshing brevity, yet they make their points completely.
    I’ve seen the “having written” quote attributed to someone else, but at the moment, I can’t remember who. I’ll keep trying.j
    One writer to another, I noticed a (very) few copyediting “infelicities” in some entries. Would it be rude to point them out?
    In your book about significant (hey, they all are) Arizona women, what attributes guided the choices? Is that a proprietary idea or could I explore doing something similar in California?
    Thanks again for the great blogs.
    Tim Bradley

  • Thanks for your comment, Tim. And I appreciate you pointing out the typos. They are always a bugaboo. I don’t see how the book idea could be proprietary and CA certainly has it’s share of intriguing women. Could be a great book.

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