How to own your excellence: messaging strategically for competitive advantage

Integrity Engineering ( already had the name, but they needed the strategic messaging to pay it off. And no, a dictionary-like definition of integrity wasn’t going to cut it. Definitions of this kind imply an ownership that simply doesn’t exist. Integrity Engineering is an excellent aerospace engineering firm, but nobody owns integrity, not even these great guys. Besides, as a competitive analysis soon revealed, a competitor was already playing the definition tactic on their website, with some other equally huge concept they could never own like intelligence.

Honesty is a great foundation for business, but it isn’t everything. Performance is. Now if you can combine high performance with honesty, then you’ve got something to talk about. Add flexibility into the mix, and you’ve really got a message that can make an impact. These brand attributes all crystalized in our discovery process with Integrity Engineering, which included a deep dive session with internal stakeholders, as well as client interviews.

What these guys do, they do very well. But they aren’t one of the big players in their industry. Yet. And trying to appear as if they were – a common misstep among up and comers – actually put them at a competitive disadvantage. Bottom line is that they don’t do aerospace engineering like everyone else. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, in an industry where outsourcing has led to a tremendous amount of chaos, unexpected cost and missed opportunity, it’s actually a good thing. The strategic messaging platform and brand positioning we developed for Integrity Engineering empowered them to embrace their excellence, promote their capabilities and take their success to the next level.

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