How to brand a revolution

Most brands claiming to be leading a revolution probably aren’t. If they really were, they’d think twice about making the claim. For example, a real revolution in shaving might be, perhaps, some product that made your whiskers stop growing in the first place. The revolution you’re much more likely to hear about is really just a razor with more blade and lubricant power.

There’s a reason why mundane brands and products claim to be revolutionary and revolutionary organizations often don’t. Most people most of the time don’t want the revolutionary; they want the familiar only in an improved form. We don’t want to deal with change – we just want the benefits change can bring. Revolutions are scary; new and improved razors aren’t.

That’s why one client, who is building the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that will relieve range anxiety and, yes, revolutionize e-transportation, isn’t talking about it that way. Switching away from combustion engine automobiles is a big enough deal without emphasizing what a big deal it is. Nor is this brand bragging about the ecological benefits which the proliferation of EVs will bring due to its infrastructure development.

On the contrary, we’re branding this client around a sense of continuity and bottom line value. The real beauty of their offering is that with their route-based charging system, drivers will be able to experience the same freedom they had with their gas-guzzlers. In fact, one of the company’s ambitions is to bring back the great American road trip by making it affordable again to drive just about anywhere. So it’s a revolution about getting back to the good old days, using the best and most innovative new technology of course.

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