July 3, 2011

Web projects


The internet is the place to see and be seen. Those who are just passing trough will be suitably impressed by pretty pictures. But those who are actually interested in your offering are the ones who will stop to read the writing. That’s why it’s critical to have web writing that can quickly and concisely communicate your message, connect with your audience, differentiate your brand and convert your visitors into active participants. We’re here to help you have it all, from profound positioning, to consistent messaging across your entire enterprise, to strong SEO performance-without sacrificing all style and substance to get it.

MGA Employee Services

At MGA, we have a simple strategy for attracting and retaining reliable, experienced professionals – we treat people well. We’re as accessible and accountable to our employees as we are to our clients. And we’re constantly innovating to offer new and better services to both.

Integrity Engineering

This growing aerospace engineering firm engaged me to develop a messaging strategy for them to enable them to strategically differentiate themselves in a field of often larger competitors. The strategy we developed enabled them to pursue news business as an expert in four distinct fields, rather than looking like a jack of all trades but master of none.



RAADfest combines the energy and fun of a festival, the empowerment and interaction of personal development, with cutting edge science presented for a lay audience to create the first and best holistic radical life extension event ever.


Kids in Focus

A new lens on life.

When kids experience trauma, they disconnect from the world and from themselves; A camera in their hands, with the right guidance and encouragement, can switch the light in their eyes back on, giving them a new lens on life.

This website created in inspired collaboration with the talented people at Conversiv.


Darren K. Moore Jewelry

Taking nature and the animal world as his subject, Darren K. Moore creates original jewelry of his own design, as well as fashioning customized pieces that capture his clients’ visions.



GOe3 is opening up the country to the savings and sustainability of electric vehicles trough its convenient route-based, inter-city charging network. Our fast, easy to use chargers, and supporting tools, make EV use profitable for retailers, practical for consumers, and beneficial for the public at large.



Energizing character in kids.

Zingity is the first App designed to keep kids active, entertained and growing in character.


Integrity Engineering & Design

As the engineering and design partner of choice, we enable our clients to optimize project performance by delivering engineering solutions, using our deep resources, comprehensive capabilities and broad industry expertise in a timely, agile and cost-efficient manner.


Electronics Components Industry Association

This web site and brand strategy, done in calibration with Jeff Irish Design, helped reset this organization to appeal to a broader audience and more effectively communicate its value.


MGA Home Healthcare

Home is where the heart is, but this rapidly growing home healthcare brand needed to show professionalism as well as caring, all while reaching out to a broad audience of professionals, patients and referrers.




Semblant is the industry leader in the transformational field of nanomaterials for electronics manufacturing. Collaborating with the fine design minds at Rain visual strategy, we wrote Semblant’s story online to be as streamlined and progressive as their technologies.



Clarity is at a premium when writing web writing web content for a next generation solution. As cookie tracking falls out of favor, AdTruth offers a superior alternative.


Antelope Point Marina

Lake Powell is a wonder of natural and human engineering. The water sports are unsurpassed and house boating is the ideal way to experience it all. Antelope Point Marina has raised the standards of service to a new level in the region. They needed strong web content writing to get that sense of quality across.


My Job Chart


This new online tool for ending family “chore wars” is starting to catch fire in the better parenting community. Crisp, concise web content is helping to fan the flames.


City of Page, AZ


Page is central to many of the most beautiful natural wonders of the West. From Lake Powell to Antelope Canyon, the hiking boating, biking and adventuring is unsurpassed. So the web content writing had to be informative as well as emotionally compelling. See it for yourself, Page that is.


Muranaka Farms

An industry leader in speciality agriculture goes online to strut its produce. Fresh web writing shows they walk their talk.



A strong web presence is part and parcel of this West Valley community’s master plan. Strong web content writing helps ensure their story continues to build.


Arizona K-12 Center

Quality teaching impacts student performance. It’s a no-brainer really, and that’s the business of the Arizona K-12 Center. And we’re proud to pout it in powerful web writing.


AAA Landscape

AAA Landscape’s mission is to beautify the world. Now that’s a message worth sharing with the world in web content that captures the aesthetics of excellence.


41st Parameter

Making the Internet safer for business is a massive undertaking. Communicating how their capabilities set them apart is almost as challenging. It starts with strong web writing.


Lux Design Build inc


Lux, meaning “light” in latin, stands for an enlightened view of commercial buildings that keeps architectural intention clearly in focus. We kept the lux in the web writing as well.



A clear business to business, benefits driven message for the higher education industry. And the clear, direct web content to match.