Why “Great Service” Is not a Winning Differentiator

It’s not easy to arrive at authentic strategic differentiation, which is what a good messaging strategy should provide. Many viable businesses, including startups, professional services companies and mid and large sized organizations struggle to correctly and strategically identify their uniqueness to their audiences. How is one engineering firm different from another operating in the same[…]

Click Crap: Are your clicks ownable and defensible and how a messaging strategy can help

It’s nice that your digital marketing is getting clicks. But what’s really good is when they’re clicking for something that actually aligns with your strategic message. And what’s even more awesome is when that message is truly ownable and defensible – meaning it’s so authentic to who you are as an organization, so relevant to[…]

Winning the battle to be heard: Ulysses S. Grant and your messaging strategy

I’ve been reading the memoir of Ulysses S. Grant, who led the Union Army in the Civil War, and became the 18th President. It’s a wonderfully written book, with numerous insights into how the war was ultimately won. What is especially striking is how Grant shows that the outcomes of battles were often determined before[…]

Why clarity (in messaging) is beauty

There’s something beautiful that happens when brands and campaigns take the time and effort to strategically define, align and craft their message. You can feel it in the workplace. You can see it in the creative. You can measure in on your bottom line. It’s called clarity. Suddenly, you go from being busy with too[…]

It’s team time: Collaboration is the cure for marketing complexity

From a LinkedIn promotion I recently received:   Dear Joe Today’s successful marketers aren’t just good at one thing … We must be able technologists, social media experts, and savvy number crunchers …   Dear LinkedIn, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Trying to be good at all the disciplines required to excel in our[…]

Get to the HOW of the matter: how your methodology can distinguish your brand

Differentiation is key to any strong brand position. But what do you focus on when what you offer and why its awesome sounds a lot like what your competitors are saying? This is a regular occurrence today in mature markets, including professional services, where often everyone is doing the same thing, only some do it[…]

Love thy niche: why true outliers need to market for growth, not validation

We all want to be received and appreciated by someone who simply doesn’t. It could be a family member, an associate, someone from your past, or even your future. By struggling to be acknowledged specifically by those individuals who resist doing so, we waste energy and time, which we could be dedicating much more productively[…]