The advent of the non-writer writer

In this era of blogging, every one is a writer. Which is another way of saying there are a lot of frustrated people out there. Not to mention, some pretty shabby content.
Because if you don’t have strong skills and focus, the results aren’t going to be great.

On the other hand, for blogging and social media, the expectations are not particularly high either, so, in a sense, you can get away with it. So much for selling the writing services of Relativity Writing.

This peculiar moment in marketing evolution has given rise to a new class of creator – the non-writer writers. NWWs are people who don’t like writing, aren’t good at it, but write anyway. Like writers, NWWs offer up material of wildly varying value, interest and import. And, like writers, NWWs can become frustrated with the process. But NWWs are particularly tormented in that they have no clear reference point as to whether what they are producing is any good. They are burdened not just by the task at hand, but by the cloud of the unknown in which they operate.

The most troubled Non-Writer Writer is the involuntary one, or the INWW. INWWs are the poor folk who included writing on their resume back in the day, because, after all, they are not illiterate, who have been swept up in the publishing free for all that is the Internet and thrust into writing by their employer. Whereas the NWW is typically some entrepreneurial type, who simply can’t pass up the opportunity to communicate via social media no matter how awkward it might feel, the INWW is doing it for their job.

It is the INWWs who are most fervently waiting for the next generation of technology to mutate the marketing moment once again, and propel us into the post-blogging era. Whatever that may look like. And in that, at least, they are not alone.

One thought on “The advent of the non-writer writer”

  • I love writing but I believe I fall in the NWW category. I’ve received positive feedback and I also impress myself with some of the things I write about and how I put ideas together. However, I don’t feel challenged to write and therefore I go through periods of time of not writing anything, because nothing is moving me toward writing. Sometimes I rent an apartment on Writer’s Block which is right down the street from Lack of Creativity and Shattered Dreams. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford something in a better neighborhood with less hostiles!

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