Get to the HOW of the matter: how your methodology can distinguish your brand

Differentiation is key to any strong brand position. But what do you focus on when what you offer and why its awesome sounds a lot like what your competitors are saying? This is a regular occurrence today in mature markets, including professional services, where often everyone is doing the same thing, only some do it better than others.

Of course, you could stand up and holler: we do it better! But that claim raises questions that must be answered for it to be credible and meaningful, chief among them being how. How do you do it better?

Answering the How question in a substantial and engaging way can be a key to effectively positioning your brand. When everyone is claiming to deliver value, talking about the manner in which you do it, can make your story stand out and your claim of being better more substantial.

This is not an invitation to an open ended discussion of the details of your process. While you may love your organization’s work process, and well you should, your audience may not have the patience for all that nitty-gritty. On the other hand, simply saying you care, and that you’re committed to service doesn’t cut it either.

What’s most important is to convey how your methodology is different and better, in a way that your audience can relate to. In fact, it can be tricky to zero in on the details that make the difference. But if you truly do it better than your competitors, there is usually an element in your process that is missing from theirs. That’s the key factor you want to highlight.

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