Click Crap: Are your clicks ownable and defensible and how a messaging strategy can help

It’s nice that your digital marketing is getting clicks. But what’s really good is when they’re clicking for something that actually aligns with your strategic message. And what’s even more awesome is when that message is truly ownable and defensible – meaning it’s so authentic to who you are as an organization, so relevant to your audiences, so differentiated from competitors that it positions you to win business and relationships for the long term.

Unfortunately, too often digital success is measured in clicks rather than relationships. Cute girls showing skin might get clicks, but unless you’re in the bikini business those clicks are not worth what you’re paying for them. Intriguing performance questions that lead nowhere are the B2B equivalent of bikini shots. You may have gotten somebody’s attention, but not for the reasons you really want.

What’s missing is the messaging strategy to drive the digital strategy. A strong messaging strategy will identify your core positioning – what makes you authentically different, strategically relevant, and worth learning more about. And how to get that message across to the audiences most likely to buy, which are the only audiences that matter.

Once you have that messaging strategy defined, then it’s time to start going for those clicks. Because you will have a clear idea of what to say and whom to say it to, so that you’re far more likely to engage with real prospects who may convert into actual customers.

The online world is chock full of stuff to click on and people to do the clicking. The challenge is to get the right people engaged with your story.

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