Messaging the impossible: People Unlimited dares to own its difference

One of my clients, People Unlimited (, promotes an idea that most people consider impossible – physical immortality. Only a very very small minority of people feel that given the right conditions – open outlook, supportive people, healthy living – the body can continue without end. I happen to be one of them.

As you may imagine, this has led to some interesting discussions about how to position People Unlimited. It’s a membership driven organization and regular participants gain all kinds of benefits from their attendance at events and other activities. They become more inspired to live and to be healthy and to clean up toxic relationships and to let go of limiting beliefs. So why not just talk about that? Why talk about physical immortality?

For a few years, People Unlimited’s tagline was: Physical Immortality Now. While this made very clear what the organization stood for, it didn’t mean much to the majority of people who have never put the words physical and immortality together. Because of this the organization recently changed its tagline to: Go for your unlimited life. This seems more relatable, but still connects to living without end in the sense of being unlimited. Given that logic, why mention physical immortality at all?

The answer is that physical immortality is the core driver behind all the benefits members experience. Not all members believe they can live forever. But even those that do not are enriched by the excitement and openness and support that the living of physical immortality engenders.

So is the message about living physical immortality? Or is it about living as if you were going to live forever? The latter is much more rational from a skeptic’s point of view. But from a branding point of view, it’s a dodge. And for an organization that wants to be known for its straightforwardness, that’s not an option. Furthermore, in a personal growth market that is already crowded with experts offering all manner of transformation, physical immortality clearly stands out from the crowd.

The bottom line is that People Unlimited is different. Might as well embrace that and connect with people who are ready for that difference. Otherwise, they are investing resources to reach audiences that will never become customers.

3 thoughts on “Messaging the impossible: People Unlimited dares to own its difference

  • It sounds like what I call the “Happiness PLUS” problem.

    Many people sincerely want to achieve their own happiness, and they turn to a group that provides them with great solutions for their own well being. At the same time, the other ideas that the group sells is an irritation or even a dis-value to them.

    The good person just wants to enjoy life, and most groups are selling Enjoy Life Plus. He doesn’t need the “extras” or the “PLUS”. He just needs what is best for him, and what will make him happy.

    So, the major problem of any group is selling solutions for the problems that people face as they pursue their happiness, while at the same time maintaining its uniqueness. What are the groups core ideas that truly do help people solve their problems?

    In the case of Physical Immortality(PI): What problem does it solve? Does it solve a core problem that people face in pursuing a happy life? Are there other solutions that your group provides that are making the group even more successful? (It sounds like there are other solutions at PUI that people find more valuable that PI.) Are the other solutions at PUI, besides PI, enough to maintain the core uniqueness of PUI?

  • Thanks for your reply Rick. Two points:
    1. I think you’re generalizing too much about the “good person” and “groups.” Personally I think religion has given groups a really bad name. Groups magnify whatever focus exists. As we say at People Unlimited, you’re already part of the biggest group out there — mortality.

    2. You say “What problem does physical immortality solve?” Come on, Rick, think about it!

  • I know I react to an old discussion, but for me it’s new since I am trying to improve the Formulation
    of the brochure for the March event.
    I feel that PUl uniqueness is the way we let people have a new perspective about their lives of an unlimited and endless life, but more unique is the way we do that, like you once said; we are making it possible for people to connect to their feelings, the connection we lost growing up, to make the way back from living in our brain to living in our heart. We do that by what we call this unique “heart connection”. Until I met the people of PUl I have never experienced such love and acceptance. It reminds me of something I have forgotten that I have forgotten something that fills familiar from somewhere, maybe only from my dreams. For me it feels like I have parents again, a place where I can be me, week or strong, or whatever I feel at any moment. This is the thing that makes it possible for me to open not just my mind, but my heart to the idea of no limitation. This is the uniqueness that made me feel that I want to be with you, and that’s what keeps me in.
    Now, how do I put this in wards for people that have never experienced this kind of connection? It’s like Rina sais, to explain kiss to somebody who never tried it.

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