Online reputation: Andraya Carson deserves an awesome one

Does the Internet change human nature, or does it just amplify the status quo? There’s obviously more information available then ever before, but there’s also more bullshit. Some of it is just harmless clutter, like junk TV, just online. But some of it is downright evil – for example, when easy online access is used to post slanderous character attacks on good people.

A friend and colleague of mine, Andraya Carson, was recently hit with an all out online barrage on her good name. The accusations are particularly absurd considering that Dray is such an outstandingly good person. I have known her for over a decade, both on a professional and personal basis, and have always found her to be of upstanding character.

But the power of the posted word is such that it still can hurt. That’s why I’m taking this time to promote one of the truly good people – Andraya Carson. Bright, caring, hard-working, honest — anyone who knows Dray well at all knows these words describe her to a T. I’ve seen Dray when she’s up and I’ve seen her when she’s down and she’s always a person of top quality.

Life isn’t always fair, and neither is the Internet. But sometimes you can do something to make it a little more fair. So my keywords for this post are: Andraya Carson, integrity, awesome, online reputation.

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