The advent of the non-writer writer

In this era of blogging, every one is a writer. Which is another way of saying there are a lot of frustrated people out there. Not to mention, some pretty shabby content. Because if you don’t have strong skills and focus, the results aren’t going to be great. On the other hand, for blogging and Read more about The advent of the non-writer writer[…]

Branding innovation: the toaster approach

A friend recently sat down to pick my brain about an idea he’s got for a new business. He’s in the fitness sector and he’s got a truly new perspective related to training, strength and injury prevention. He spent about an hour outlining his thinking, and I enjoyed listening to him. His analysis is original Read more about Branding innovation: the toaster approach[…]

The long shot: taking the time to stand out in word and deed

In writing, briefer is often better, but there’s only so much you can leave out, before, in fact, you’ve left out everything. Like the truth of your life story, for example. Or the guts and glory of a real competitive advantage you hold in the marketplace. Not everything worth saying can be collapsed into a Read more about The long shot: taking the time to stand out in word and deed[…]