Sex and sleep: what’s the difference?

If an observer from another reality suddenly started reading American English, they could easily conclude that our culture holds the act of slumbering with others – thy neighbor’s wife, the enemy—as highly taboo. Indeed they would be led to believe, whether or not rapid eye movement in fact ensued, either for one party or the[…]

Two stories within one: ghost writing that reveals both sides

Good book writing reveals that a story is never just about one thing. Ted Turner’s autobiography Call Me Ted tells a lot about Turner’s expansive business career. But the writing is personal enough to also convey the restlessness born out of aleniation from his hard-driving, alcoholic father. So while Amazon lists it as a business[…]

Owning the edge: signaling difference when claims all sound the same

I heard London Calling by the Clash playing on the Muzak in the frozen food aisle of Trader Joe’s recently. I quite enjoyed hearing it, but had to chuckle: If the Clash is playing on Muzak, where is the edge these days? It’s gotten so cool to be different, that everybody claims to be different, typically[…]